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What we do.

Online Mastering

High fidelity audio mastering services.

Audio restoration

Remove background noise, tape hiss, pops, clicks, and other noises.

Vynil digitalization

The studio

A little bit about it.

  • 2012-2016

    The Beginning

    16Bit Studio started in 2012 as a recorder and mixing studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

  • 2016

    16Bit Mastering Solutions is Born

    After four years, the owner Bruno Scharpf saw a lack of mastering studios in Brazil and decided to take another direction. In 2016, 16Bit Mastering Solutions was born.

  • Present-Day

    The studio is equipped with selected high, analogue and digital gear. This way it forms the perfect hybrid facility to work. The mastering room is acoustically treated, professional customer service with affordable price.

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Bruno has always been interested in music. As a kid started to play guitar, in his 16 was recording some friends music and learning more with the time that come. But for him, wasn't enough. When Bruno turned 18th, he decided to move to Europe and joined SAE in Amsterdam and later, moved to SAE Barcelona. After some years working in studios around Barcelona, Bruno decided to come back to his homeland Brazil and open his own studio. With a lot of passion and hard work, in 2012, 16Bit Studio was founded.